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Avoid Common DIY Plumbing Mistakes and Ask the Experts for Help

Summary: The DIY way is the best way for a lot of things. Unfortunately, plumbing isn’t one of them. DIY plumbing mistakes continue to plague homeowners all over Calgary. Let’s take a look at some of them in detail.

No matter how well set up your home’s plumbing is, sooner or later, it is bound to run into problems. So, what would you do when you encounter plumbing problems? Would you ask the experts for their assistance, or would you try to resolve things on your own?

While it’s quite alright to try and tackle the problems on your own, major plumbing issues are beyond the abilities of ordinary people. However, there are many who think they can solve the problems without seeking expert help. In the process, they make critical mistakes that can ultimately put not just the plumbing in jeopardy, but the entire home as well.

Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid:

Performing Repairs without Knowing the Regulations

There are defined regulations when it comes to plumbing for each and every home in Canada, and these regulations need to be followed strictly. The regulations are vast and varied, and most of them were put into place to ensure home safety. However, many homeowners are willing to take risks and they try to repair plumbing problems by themselves. It’s all well and good if they are acquainted with the strict regulations. But if they are not, their efforts may compromise home safety in the future.

Attempting Repairs Without Basic Plumbing Tools 

Plumbing tools were designed for a reason. The tools were given the shape and strength necessary to handle plumbing repairs, but many a time, homeowners attempt repairs without even owning the most basic plumbing tools. Tools like basin wrench, hand auger and plumber’s wrench are absolutely essential if you want to perform repairs on your own. So make sure you buy them before you begin any DIY plumbing task.

Using a lot of Chemicals

Chemicals are commonly used to clear out clogged plumbing systems, and in certain situations, they are mandatory. Unfortunately, many homeowners in Canada use chemicals far more than they should. Many chemicals are harmful for the plumbing systems as they eat away at pipes from the inside. As a result, you may run into much bigger plumbing problems than what you initially started out with.

Keeping the Water Turned On During Repairs 

The foremost requirement for any plumbing repair is to turn the water off. However, a common DIY plumbing mistake is to keep the water turned on as the repairs are being performed. You may have a minor problem to fix, but when the water is turned on, the minor problem may just escalate to a really messy situation that might cause water damage to your home.

Hence, it’s best to leave the plumbing repairs to the experts who are armed with the knowledge and the tools to oversee both minor and major issues.

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