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Benefits of Qnexa

Many people in the society do not prefer the use of dietary medications for recreational purposes like losing body weight or building muscles for a ripped and toned physique. On the other hand, there are lots of people who support the use of such supplements and are responsible for their growing popularity across the world. Due to the rising and heavy demand for steroidal medications, a lot of pharmaceutical industries have started developing similar forms of the products with different trade names for differentiating their identities. Giving different commercial names to different forms of similar drugs helps in uniquely claiming their authenticity by the company which is manufacturing it. Similar cases have been observed in the case of the product Phentermine. It is one of the most widely used and popular products in town which has been released into the market under various forms of tablets, pills, spray pens, liquids or syrups, bulk powder, injections and even topical gels and creams. Out of so many marketed forms, which one do you think is going to work perfectly for your body? For such guidelines, you need to consult with your dietician who will instruct you to take the right supplementary product according to your body type.

What is Qnexa?

Phentermine is available in different standardised forms, one of them being the weight-loss pill Qnexa that is raising storm in the present market because of its heavy demand across the globe. People are going crazy to buy bottles of Qnexa for shredding extra pounds from their body and maintain their fitness level at an upgraded version. The medication is available in the form of extended release tablets beneficial for easy and rapid digestion.

You should know that there is one more name that has been assigned to Qnexa for its marketed identity, known as Qsymia. This form is actually a combined version of Phentermine and topiramate present in equal proportions in the drug. The good news is that it has been approved by the Food and Drug administration and considered safe for human consumption under strict supervision of dosage cycles.

Effectiveness of Qnexa:

Why do you think there is variation in the results caused to different people taking the same medication? It happens due to factors like:

  • Age of the user
  • Genetic makeup (male or female)
  • Body composition (lean, muscular or slim)
  • Predisposition to any severe health disorders like high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Any sort of allergic reactions to exogenous medicated capsules in the history
  • The form of medication (capsules, injection or gel)
  • Dosage cycles and dose strengths

If all these factors are kept under control, you can easily administer any form of dietary supplementation products to serve the required purpose in your body. presence of Phentermine and topiramate in the weight-loss pill Qnexa are responsible for the two following functions:

  1. Phentermine- suppresses your appetite and thus traditionally used in the treatment of obesity. Enhances the metabolic rate of cells to shred extra calories.
  2. Topiramate- controls seizures by acting as an anti- convulsant.