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Dr. Mark Antman, the Photography Language Artist


Human beings are social beings and they cannot live in an island. Human beings need each other to survive and they need certain aspects so as to live comfortably. Apart from food shelter and clothing which are the basic needs that the human being needs, communication is a very important factor. You need to communicate with your neighbor and you also need other people. There are some human beings that are usually very quite but they have other ways for communicating. There is no language that the human being cannot understand and that is how they have managed to survive this far. Mark Antman has a unique way of communicating his thoughts.  He uses photography to express his heart felts.

There are a lot of things that happen in the society that a lot of people are not comfortable to say them out. That is why you will find that there is graffiti on some walls. Those are undercover artists that have a message that the public have got to hear but no open is willing to pass it through. These are the people who understand the language of photography. Taking photos is not an easy job and you need to get some skills so that you might even do it for people and earn a living from it.

Mr. Antman has a studio in New York and he is earning his living from that studio. The cash that he gets from the studio is what he lives on. Gone are the days when people used to say that photographs are outdated. The best way that you can store your memories is thorough photographs. In as much as there are video cameras, photographs chip in where video cameras cannot. When you read of how he began, you will find out that he simply followed what eh liked doing best. He chose to focus on photography and he is doing very well. If you wishto get very clear wedding or photos for any events, he can do themvery well.

Mark Antman also uses pictures to convey messagesto the public. You donot have to point things directly for people to know and understandthat you are hurt or you are happy about something. That is what he does. He takes pictures and then he puts them in his studio. He gets toconveymessages to thepeople that come to his studio. The people who understand the meaning if his pictures buy them.