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Hire the Best Programmers for Your Company

Today, pre- employment assessment tests are very much in practice. These tests not only help in recruiting best candidates but also save time, energy, and resources involved in the entire process of recruitment. Businesses and companies often tend to challenge the applicants with psychometric tests, aptitude tests, and knowledge based tests to assess their skills, competency and aptitude to suit the job position. As in any other job vacancies, programmers are often given a wide array of programming tests in the recruitment process. Companies and recruiters are largely benefited with pre- employment skills as the test results provide a clear insight regarding the candidate’s potential, competency, skills and aptitude to fit in the work environment and deliver efficient work.

Online C# test can be used to hire candidates for the position of:

  • C# Software Developers
  • Dot Net Application Developers
  • ASP.Net Developers
  • .NET Architects
  • WPF Developers
  • MVC Experts
  • ASP.Net Web API Developers

The online test platforms offer ready-made or customization C programming tests and coding simulators for the assessment process.

The C# programming tests include topics that are essential to assess a candidate at all levels. Few of them being:

  • Fundamentals of Class, Fundamentals of Exception Handling, Fundamentals of Inheritance, etc.
  • Page life cycle, controls, custom controls, validations on controls, etc.
  • Access modifiers, encapsulation and polymorphism to assess object oriented concepts of the language.
  • Data types, exception handling, inheritance, and multi-thread programming.
  • Design Pattern concepts.
  • MS SQL-basic concepts, SQL queries, and commands.
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • C# Reusable libraries.
  • MVC Architecture, routing and filtering, Razor View Engine, bundling and magnification to measure the knowledge of MVC.

The ASP.Net Basic test is ideal in the process of pre- employment screening. The C# algorithm tests help in assessing applicants’ algorithmic skills and their capability to apply algorithms utilizing C#. The test requires a candidate to analyse or design an algorithm using C# as the programming language. A capable developer will design and implement the algorithms, which are both correct and efficient. Here, computational complexity is not only important in scaling applications but also in creating maintainable, responsive, and efficient code. The companies or businesses can choose from a library of questions or can customize the whole test based on their level of competencies.

The candidate is challenged with concepts of Basic C# and Error handling, which help in understanding and solving the real problems in the work environment. Rather than theoretical knowledge, these online tests largely emphasize on evaluating the candidate’s knowledge of applied skills to evaluate his/ her job readiness and employment skills. A detailed analysis is also given by the test results, which help in making better hiring decisions and also predict the candidate’s performance at the job. Recruiters and businesses use the tests as effective tools to find the most suitable candidate for the job vacancy. This further helps in improving the company’s productivity. The tests are exclusively domain specific and helpful in picking the best programmers out of the inflated volume of applications.