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Installation, Maintenance And Significance Of Self Cleaning Glass

Double glazed windows refer to the ones that are equipped with two glass panes which are separated by air. These windows are more beneficial as compared to the ordinary pieces. The owners of such windows are saved from noise that is kept out. Warm air is retained in the properties. Amount of condensation is reduced. The people having these windows feel more secured as these are more difficult to break. Moreover, the energy bills are also reduced to great extent with double glazed windows that may be procured from prominent companies like Double glazed windows Amersham.

Self cleaning glass in double glazed windows – Known as easy clean glass, the self cleaning glass is equipped with a transparent coating that is useful in two ways. It helps to break down the dirt and spread the water across the surface in even manners. The special coating is able to react with the rays of the sun to break down the dirt. It is also competent to remove grime which is formed on the outside of the double glazed window pieces. It may be noted that the decomposed dirt generally rinses away during rains. The hydrophilic surface is able to attract water over the complete surface. It results in formation of a sheet of water over the glass instead of droplets which may lead to rain marks. A simple rinse or hose down with clean soft water suffices to activate the self cleaning process in the double glazed windows when there is no rain.

Maintenance and installation of self cleaning glass –

Most of the property owners now prefer to install self-cleaning glasses in the double glazed windows. These can be purchased from renowned concerns like Double glazed windows Amersham. Such type of glass is helpful in keeping the windows clean for a greater time period.

Following tips may be followed for maintaining and installing the self cleaning glass:

  •        It must be ensured that the self cleaning glass is installed in sloping or an upright position with a fifteen degree angle to the vertical. It is helpful for facilitating the water to run down the surface and remove the broken down dirt from the windows.
  •        The self cleaning coating must be installed on the exterior of the outside pane.
  •        Certain self cleaning glasses may be used in combination with Low E or solar protection glasses. They are able to provide maximum comfort and may be laminated for the purpose of security.
  •        It should be ensured that the self cleaning glass does not come into any contact with silicon objects. This can damage the efficiency of special coating. As such non silicon joints should be used.
  •        Use of abrasive substances and sharp objects should also be avoided for removing hard dirt on the double glazed windows with self cleaning glass. It can harm the coating.
  •        Warm soapy water or apt window cleaning products should be used for manual cleaning. A sponge or clean cloth may be made use of for this process to avoid any damage to the coating.