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Mercy Church Is an Exemplary Church Organization

Church Organization

A church is not only a place where people can to worship every day of worship then go back home. It should entail more than this. A church should be a place of worship as well as organization for doing good deeds. Mercy Church San Luis Obispo in Baton Rouge Los Angeles is an example of an exemplary church which is not only a worship center but also an organization with other activities that benefit both the church members and the rest of the community at large. This church does not only engage is worship servicers. It has outreach activities as well as other activities that are meant to strengthen the church and make it better by helping others and bringing more people in to the congregation.

Mercy Church has a great vision of winning back the lost disciples. This a great vision since it shows that the church is not only out for worship but also to help bring more people to God. The church also has the goal of bringing new members in to the church always. This means that the new members who are brought in to the church are also expected to bring others. This creates a continuous chain which helps in bringing more people in to salvation.

The members of Mercy Church do not only meet on the weekends during church services. They have prayer cells that meet within the week. These prayer cells are small groups of church members. The members of the church say that it is through these groups that they get to know what purpose God has for them. It is also through these groups that they get to make new friends and share the word of God. Other churches should emulate this so that they can create church organizations that are fruitful and that bring more people to God which is the main aim that every church should have.

The members of Mercy Church believe that God is the holy trinity and the king. This is why Mercy Church SLO is successful.This is also why this is the church that is help up to other churches to copy the perfect example. Members of this church believe that God is the sole creator of everything on earth and they also believe that the kingdom of God is everlasting. If all churches take the example that is being given by this church, they will be able to bring more disciples in to God’s house and this will help a great deal in spreading the gospel.