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Passionate Entrepreneur With Tremendous Zeal For Growth

There are several business leaders who come with dreams and the desire to make it big in the world. They believe in their dreams and ensure that all works well and good for them. When it comes to hard work and challenges, they never shy away from it as they are confident they will win and sail through with flying colors. Such an individual or rather dynamic business leader is Bill Lauder. He is the grandson of Mrs Estee Lauder and one of the key players behind the success of The Estee Lauder Company- a premium cosmetic, beauty, skin, hair and personal care company in the USA!

The Estee Lauder Company is a tough name to reckon with today in the world however it did not start big. It had humble beginnings with just four products that were made by Mrs Estee Lauder. She and her husband Joseph marketed these products in the USA and they became very popular for their high quality. In a span of just two years, Mrs Estee Lauder managed to open her first departmental store in New York.

Since then there was no looking back for her. She started to create brands and the products of her brands became best sellers in the USA. The Estee Lauder Company was a household name in the nation and everyone spoke highly about its products. However, when Bill Lauder, her grandson entered the scene in 1986, the fate of the Company was about to turn further!

When Bill Lauder joined the Estee Lauder Company in 1986, it was famous only in the USA. Bill Lauder wanted people to know about the Company across the globe and so he sincerely started working hard on his dreams. He devised innovative business and marketing strategies for the brands sold by the Company. In this manner, he managed to expand the brand portfolio of the Estee Lauder Company with ease.

Success of Bill Lauderdid not stop there. He took charge of human resources, distribution and retail channels. He expanded them as well. He considered customers to be the lifeline of a business and so he started to interact with them after he took charge of the online operations of the Company. Since then, there was no looking back. Customers loved the personal touch that The Estee Lauder Company was giving them. They became loyal to the products and via word of mouth the name and fame of the Estee Lauder brands expanded across the world thanks to Bill Lauder!