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Several Mesa Island Facts to Find

Indonesia has many great places to explore. There are various destinations to visit. In this case, visiting Labuan Bajo can be one of the destinations. Labuan Bajo is located in the Flores Island and it is part of the eastern Indonesia. Labuan Bajo itself is not the main destination to visit. It is like a gate to enter the Komodo National Park. As its name, the national park has Komodo dragon as the exotic animals. The Komodo dragons are the center of attention, but in fact this national park has more than a legendary animal. In fact, there are also several nice places to visit in the area of this national park, and Mesa Island is one of them. There are some great information related to the Mesa Island facts and these facts will make people interested to visit this island.

One of the clear Mesa Island facts is that this island is still part of the Komodo National Park. Mesa Island is a small island that can be visited when people want to visit the Komodo Island. Precisely, it is located 15 kilometers from the Labuan Bajo, which becomes the gate to reach this exotic tourism destination. Although it is a small island, it does not mean that there are only few people living in this island. There are around 1,500 people living in this island and this becomes one of the surprising facts. Although it is Small Island, the population is quite high. The native person of this island is called as “Baju” or “Bajau.” The people in this island are actually so kind and they are gladly accompanying tourists who visit their land. The warm welcome will be great things to find in this island, so tourists will never feel uncomfortable; even it is not like being strangers among the local people. One of the good things to find in this island is about the live of this local people. People can find how the native people of this island live and keep their tradition. It can be seen on how they built their house. They have stilt house and it stands above the water. Their daily life can also be interesting things to see and explore. These are nice Mesa Island facts.

Then, the person of this island is called also as the sea gypsies. Of course, this name comes from their habit that live in the sea and this becomes other interesting Mesa Island facts. Every day, the local people will be busy to prepare their stuffs before they go to the sea for fishing. Most of them are fishermen and this is also one of the reasons why they are called sea gypsies. Sea is like their other home. Then, enjoying sunset can also be done from this island. After enjoying a lot of great things in this small island, then tourists can prepare to explore the exotic and legendary komodo dragons. It will not take too much time to travel since the island is still part of the national park. Surely, great experience can be obtained by visiting this island.