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Testosterone is a steroid hormone which helps the body to produce hormones related to the male secondary sexual characteristics. This hormone is produced in the testes and in the ovaries. This is also a medication which is used by athletes to increase the ability to perform in the form of dope. This hormone is produced in both males and females but lesser in females when compared to males. The adrenal gland in both the males and females secrete testosterone. It serves as a vital hormone for the growth of the male reproductive system and during and after puberty. This hormone causes the aggressive behavior in male. The hormone not only helps in hair growth and the growth of the genital organs but also signals the body to produce new blood cells to keep the body and muscles strong during puberty in both men and women.

Testosterone is mainly produced by testes in cells called the Leydig cells. Without adequate levels of testosterone hormones in the males, men become infertile. It helps in many functions including sperm production which involves red blood cell production, muscle development, genital growth and sex drive.

High Levels Of Testosterone

In case of high levels of testosterone in the males, the hormone can lead to early puberty or infertility in the later stages of life. Men also suffer from growth of breasts, shrinking of the bodily hair, mood swings, anger, depression and fatigue. In females, it can affect fertility. To reduce the testosterone production in the body naturally, one must get adequate amount of sleep daily with regular fiber diet. Limiting fat consumption and including flax seeds in your diet with less sugar consumption help to suppress your testosterone levels.

Low Levels Of Testosterone

On an average, every year the testosterone levels drop by 1.6 percent for males after the age of 40. After the age of 60, males suffer from a condition called hypogonadism. This condition can even lead to cardio vascular diseases and muscular dysfunction in addition to other sexual and genital related diseases. The levels of testosterone differ in every individual. When there are low levels of testosterone, one can naturally increase it by including zinc and potassium in their diet. Grains, beets, bananas and shell fish contain huge amounts of zinc and potassium which naturally help in testosterone producing hormones. There is also number of supplements in the market available nowadays to increase the hormone production.

Bodybuilding Steroids And Their Side Effects

Some people take supplements which help in athletic ability to develop lean muscles and beach perfect body. One such supplement is Winstrol also called as Winny or Winsol. It helps in increasing speed in the body with endurance and lean tissue. It is an artificially invented steroid which works as the natural body producing testosterone. The structure of the steroid however differs. Though Winstrol helps in the production of red blood cells and increased bone density it also has its disadvantages as well. This steroid when taken for a prolonged period results in breast cancer and swelling of the retinal and genitals. One of the worst side effects of the steroid is that it increases bad cholesterol and decreases good cholesterol in the body. The sperm count gradually decreases and all these health hazards are not only with this supplement but with all steroids.