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Top Places to Eat Biryani in India

If you are a gourmet who loves to immerse his senses into good food, a plateful of sumptuous biryani will be the best option for you. No matter where you go and plan your trip, the intoxicating smell of flavoured rice, well-cooked meat pieces, and aromatic spices transports you to a different world altogether.

Since food happens to be an integral part of your trips, it becomes imperative to look for the right destinations. If you have already made up your mind to gorge on a sumptuous biryani platter, knowing the best places will be important. This way, you can combine your packing, flight booking, and itinerary planning, and integrate a quick stop at these famous places.

Here’s a comprehensive checklist of the places to look for:

  • Mumbai

Check out the options you have in Mumbai.

  • Lucky’s Restaurant

Book a table for two at this restaurant, and the pocket-pinch will be around 800 INR. Going to the menu, platter, and availability of dishes, Lucky’s restaurant is quite affordable. Walk along SV Road near Bandra Station, and you will reach the place.

  • Persian Durbar

The name of this eatery in Mumbai speaks a lot about itself. Persian Durbar has splendid arrangements, and gives you a royal feeling every time you visit the place. If you are in Mumbai, make sure you book a table at this place.

  • Hyderabad

Every foodie has heard about the quintessential Hyderabadi biryani. The taste, preparation, and cooking style of this biryani are quite different from what you find in other places. If you are a food aficionado coming to Hyderabad from outside taking Hyderabad Bangalore flights, then you can pay a visit to the following places:

  • Bawarchi

If the conventional Hyderabadi flavours are something that you don’t wish to miss, Bawarchi will be the perfect choice. From biryani and tandoor items to other Arabic delicacies, Bawarchi is the hub for authentic Hyderabadi food.

  • Hotel Shadab

When you are visiting Charminar for work or sightseeing, steal a few minutes from your busy schedule and pay a visit to Hotel Shadab. The restaurant specializes in Biryani made in classic Hyderabadi style.

Places in Lucknow

The royal and enigmatic city houses quite a few biryani hangouts. These places not only offer the best opportunities to eat biryani, but also promotes this classic dish across the food market. Here are some places to visit in Lucknow:

  • Waheed’s Biryani

The place specializes in an incredible plate of Biryani along with kebabs.

  • Lalla’s Biryani

If you want to experience the taste of authentic Lucknow biryani, Lalla’s Biryani shop will be the perfect destinations.

Signing off

Whether you wish to have a royal dinner or a hearty lunch, there’s nothing more exciting and appealing as a plate of biryani. You can pay a visit to these places and just immerse your senses in the delicious food. Good food starts with a fully loaded plate of biryani, and no one does it better than these must-visit places.