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What to Expect When Opening Up Your Own Pharmacy

Many legalities and approvals exist when opening a pharmacy. You must have licensed, trustworthy staff. The staff must possess the proper credentials and graduation certificates from accredited colleges. You must have security equipment in place, a safe dispensing procedure and must operate legally.


Proper licensing and building operation permits must be in place before inventory can be accepted. It is important to have licensing in place at least 60 days prior to launch. Whether you choose to open a retail pharmacy or online pharmacy like, for example, licensing must still be in place.

Payment Options

Payment method options must be decided upon and setup. Cash is something that should be accepted at any retail location, as well as debit and credit cards. Health insurance should be accepted at both retail and online pharmacies. Online pharmacies may want to consider accepting bitcoin digital currency to help protect patient’s banking information.

It is important to accept private and government health insurance plans. Restricting service to only specific providers limits your patient base and may lead to a bad reputation.

Secure Ordering Process

Phone and online ordering processes must be safe. A patient must be able to enter personal information to obtain their medication without having to worry about their identities being stolen. For online ordering purposes, use a secure shopping cart option and make sure that the server is under constant monitoring to detect, prevent and stop potential security breaches.

Variety of Medications

Most patients, especially those that are uninsured, will require generic options due to cost. It is a good idea to stock a larger quantity of generic options for this purpose. You must also offer a variety of medications to cover hundreds of medical problems. Patients prefer to obtain all of their medicine through one pharmacy rather than multiple sources.

Affordable Pricing

In order to remain competitive, your pricing must be affordable. Your pharmacy still has to make money, make payroll and be able to pay vendors for more supply, your patients also have to be able to afford to come to your location. Survey several other pharmacies that are similar to what yours will be like and base your pricing off of those averages.

Legal Activity Only

Make sure that your pharmacy is operating legally at all times. It is important to keep impeccable inventory records, watch surveillance camera footage and have employees that will follow guidelines. The licensing of the pharmacy and individual licenses must be kept up-to-date at all times too. One lapsed pharmacist license can shut down an entire pharmacy’s operations.

Opening your own pharmacy is a lot of work. Much of it requires the assistance of an attorney. You should also invest in a financial planner to help you keep enough capital in savings to sustain the business. When hiring your staff, it is important to quiz them on-the-spot to prove their knowledge of the industry and various medications. Pharmacy staff must be able to identify all medications, potential adverse interactions and the uses for every medication to perform their jobs successfully.